Truck Driving Training in Florida

Florida CDLIn Florida you do not need to obtain a CDL learners permit before being able to take the license exams, however, it is a good idea to take a truck driving course to get the required practice and skills to successfully pass the tests.  Before doing anything its important to become familiar with the Florida CDL Manual.  To test for your CDL in Florida you will need the following:

  • Be atleast 18 years old
  • Two forms of ID
  • Proof of in-state address
  • Proof of Social Security number
  • Have a valid DOT medical certificate
  • Pass all required testing and pay testing fees

Tests can either be taken at state DMV offices or a certified 3rd party testing sites.  Some of these 3rd party testers also offer commercial driving classes and can be a good alternative to scheduling through the DMV.


The CDL testing is broken into 2 main sections, written and skills tests.

Section one: Written tests

Before taking the skills test an applicant must pass all required written tests for the class and certifications they are applying for.  All classes must pass a general knowledge test as well as hearing and vision tests to a minimum level.  There are also additional tests based on the class and certs.

Section two: Skills test

The skills test may be taken after passing all required written tests.  It is broken up into three main sections:

  • Pre-trip inspection – checking the vehicle before driving to ensure it is safe to operate
  • Basic skills – ability to control the vehicle
  • Driving skills – ability to maneuver and follow traffic rules


  • CDL License $75
  • License renewal $75
  • Endorsements $7 each
  • Written exam $10
  • Driving exam $20