Truck Driving Training in Alabama

alabama cdlBefore applying for an Alabama CDL you do not need to obtain a truck driving permit.  You will, however, need to get a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examiners certification.  You will also need to be familiar with the Commercial Driver License Manual of Alabama in order to pass written and road tests.

You will need to bring:

  • Alabama drivers license
  • Social Security card
  • DOT medical certificate
  • Proof of insurance for testing vehicle (skills testing only)


The first step in getting a CDL in Alabama is the written test.  The state requires one or more knowledge tests to be taken based on what type of endorsements and license the applicant is trying to obtain.  After passing the knowledge test the applicant is able to take the road skills test.  They also have the option of being issued a learners license so they can practice driving with another licensed driver riding in the cab.  When ready to take the skills test the applicant must schedule an appointment with the CDL licensing office.

There are three parts to the CDL skills testing in Alabama:

  • Inspection – the applicant must inspect the vehicle to prove it is safe and demonstrate inspection skills.
  • Handling – the applicant must show they can control the truck driving forward, backwards, and turning within a defined area.
  • Driving – ability to obey traffic laws, signs and handling specific situations are demonstrated.


  • $25 written test
  • $20 skills test
  • Class A licensing fee $53.50
  • Class B licensing fee $43.50
  • Class C licensing fee $23.50