Truck Driving Training in Illinois

To obtain a CDL in Illinois you must first have a valid drivers license, then pass a written test to get a permit, pass a medical exam and then take a road test.


To obtain a permit an applicant must pass a written test based on the materials in the Illinois Commercial Drivers Training Manual.  Before taking the permit exam you can try a sample test online.  You will also need to have your doctor fill out the DOT medical form to verify you are in good enough health to operate a commercial vehicle.  Upon passing the permit test you will be allowed to drive the class of vehicle you were tested for for up to 90 days when accompanied by a licensed driver.


After getting a CDL permit it is recommended that a new driver takes a commercial truck driving class to gain the skills needed to pass a road test and obtain a license.  You will need to bring the following:

  • A valid drivers license
  • Your CDL permit
  • You DOT medical certification card
  • A vehicle to test in which is registered in the class the license is for


  • $50 learners permit fee
  • $60 CDL application fee