Truck Driving Training in Hawaii

The first step to getting your CDL license in Hawaii is obtaining a commercial driving permit.  To get a CDL permit the applicant must be 21 years old, and they must use the permit with a licensed truck driver over 21.  Its important to study the Hawaii CDL Driver Manual.

The requirements for a Hawaii CDL permit are as follows:

  • hold a valid HI drivers license
  • verify social security number
  • pass clean driving record checks
  • Have passed a DOT medical exam within the past two years
  • Pass the CDL permit written test (80% or better)


After getting a permit the driver is able to take a licensing test when they are ready.  In Hawaii these exams are given by the state DMV.

The test has three main parts

  • Inspecting the vehicle pre-trip
  • Basic skills and knowledge
  • Road skills test

After passing the test portion on the CDL test you can now apply for your CDL license.  You will need to go to a full service drivers license office and bring the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Social security card
  • DOT medical certificate
  • Passing grades (over 80%) on all written test, and proof of such
  • Proof of passing the CDL driver test
  • Hawaii drivers license and CDL permit, both of which will be relinquished


  • CDL permit $30
  • CDL License $50